The style of our locomotives can best be described as ‘full size, miniature narrow gauge’, and were inspired from the original Roger Marsh engine, ‘Tinkerbell’, built in 1968. Over the past 30 years, the fleet has grown into a collection of 21 locomotives that can be seen running today. 7¼" gauge is one that can offer a reasonable sized engine with the power to pull a reasonable sized train.

However when a narrow gauge prototype is followed, a much larger outline emerges. If, in addition, a narrow gauge engine is based on a freelance design as they are at Moors Valley Railway, an even larger proportion is possible. Our locomotives have a height of 48 inches, width of 26 inches, lengths of up to 17 feet and a weight of up to two tons.
At Moors Valley Railway, you will note that the drivers of the engines sit within their cabs, a feat not achieved with smaller gauges.

Larger Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Having such interest and enthusiasm in building locomotives, we turned
our hands to constructing a 2 foot locomotive. Although this cannot run
at Moors Valley Railway, much enjoyment is taken from running it at
other railways. We also have a 15 inch engine and a 2 foot gauge
carriage under construction, which we also hope to be able to run elsewhere in the future.

No.2 Horace No.3 Talos No.4 Tinkerbell No.5 Sapper No.6 Medea
No.7 Aelfred No.9 Jason No.10 Offa No.11 Zeus No.12 Pioneer
No.14 Horton No.15 William Rufus No.17 Hartfield No.18 Thor No.19 Athelstan
No.20 Emmet No.21 15 inch Locomotive No.22 Baldwin Project No.23 Vixen No.24 Perseus
Ivor Fairlie Project Hestia Guinevere
MVR owned engines Privately owned engines Engines under construction