Drive A Steam Engine

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is run on a one-to-one basis to ensure the participant receives maximum tuition from one of our expert instructors.

Enjoy a full day’s tuition driving Aurora (subject to availability).

With assistance from the instructor, the participant will prepare the engine including cleaning the boiler tubes, smokebox, firebox, ashpan and brasswork. They will steam the engine including filling the boiler with water, lighting the fire, applying necessary lubrication, and ensuring all checks are completed before leaving the yard.

After a refresh of the controls, the participant will be given a longer set of coaches or freight wagons.

In addition to the instructor, a signalman will be in Kingsmere East Box, sending the train around the line, stations and sidings in different directions and amongst the passenger trains for the day.

Lunch and refreshments are included and up to six guests are invited for a ride on the train in the afternoon with the participant driving. A certificate is awarded on completion of the course.

After purchasing the course, you will be emailed further information and a booking reference which can be given as a gift.

The Advanced Course costs £325.

The date of the course can be booked by you or the participant by calling 01425 471 415 or emailing

Course itinerary
Times are approximate

  • 9:00
  • Introduction to the instructor and inspection of the locomotive
  • Assist the instructor in preparing and steaming the locomotive, ensuring all checks are complete before leaving the yard
  • 10:30
  • Attach coaches or wagons and have an introduction/refresh of the controls before progressing onto the main line
  • Obey signals to follow varied routes around the railway

  • 12:30
  • Lunch and review of the morning session
  • 13:00
  • Resume driving and receive further instruction as required
  • 15:00
  • Invite up to six guests to have a ride on the train with the participant driving
  • Opportunity for photos with friends and family
  • 16:00
  • Return to yard and assist with disposal of fire

Participants must be aged 18 or over and have completed the Standard Course within the last 2 years.

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