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Job Vacancies

We have a very small team of paid staff, as well as many local (and some not-so local!) volunteers who provide the backbone of our operation here at Moors Valley Railway.

They fulfil many roles and come from different backgrounds and ages. We provide equal opportunities for everyone and provide training applicable to each role.

Staff vacancies

There are not currently any paid staff vacancies available at this time.


Meet new friends, learn new skills, and help make the railway even better! We always need helping hands and volunteers can get involved a number of areas based on experience or interest:

  • Locomotive Department: volunteers start as cleaners, progress to being a guard, and subject to passing the relevant exams, can work their way to up an engine driver
  • Workshop: volunteers perform a number of skilled roles and we have a number of retired engineers who attend on a regular basis
  • General: we have many roles including locomotive, coach and track maintenance, signalling and telecommunications, general maintenance and gardening

Volunteer vacancies

There are not currently any volunteer vacancies available at this time.