Main Line In Miniature


The workshop at Moors Valley Railway is a true ‘main line in miniature’, having seen the construction of over 20 steam locomotives and 2 diesel locomotives.

Over the last 30 years the team have identified and developed a number of new ways of working that now allows them to do the majority of this work in house. The team have established methods that ensures the locomotives, rolling stock and supporting operational equipment lasts longer without the need for regular large scale maintenance.

The workshop is run by a small, dedicated team consisting of full-time staff and volunteers with a wide range of skills and expertise who are responsible for the everyday maintenance and upkeep of the railway, including locomotives and rolling stock. With over 20 locomotives, 40 coaches, 20 wagons, over a mile of track, two stations, two signal boxes and a fully operational signalling system to maintain, the team are always busy!

Boiler building remains the only element of work that is completed externally but the designs and drawings for the boilers are completed in house by the team. With the majority of their locomotive boilers now over 20 years old re-tubing has been made easier with the use of equipment such as pneumatic pullers.

When things are a little quieter throughout the year, the workshop team are able to focus on the Narogauge Services, offering a wide range of products and services. Check out the separate Narogauge Services page to find out more about all the products and services on offer.