Under the leadership of Jim Haylock, Narogauge has been building Tinkerbell and variant locomotives since the early 1980’s, and over that time turned out countless variations on a theme.

2013 however saw Tim Woron taking over in the lead role for two new Tinkerbell builds, both for private customers, and both based closely on Talos, already operating at the Moors Valley Railway.

Frederick is one of these new builds and features all of the enhancements applied to Talos over the years including a locomotive boiler, fully ball-raced valve gear and a front spectacle plate with large windows giving a clear view of the road ahead. It is painted in the same lined red livery as Talos.

Frederick is based at the Chapel Miniature Railway operating at East Anglian Railway Museum near Colchester in Essex, where it can often be seen running without the front spectacle plate giving it a unique and distinctive look.