No.2 Horace


Used most days when the railway is operational, Horace can usually be seen organising the coaching stock at the beginning of the day whilst also completing a track check.

The chassis was purchased from Roanoke, Bratton Fleming, North Devon. A footwell and pony truck have been added to the chassis to make it follow the Tinkerbell wheel and cab arrangements.

It was originally fitted with a Lombardini six and a half HP single cylinder diesel engine with hydrostatic drive, but was rebuilt in 2015 with a Honda 5 HP single cylinder petrol engine.

Horace was named after the dog of the head warden here at the park at the time of construction.

  • Builder: Narogauge Ltd, 1999
  • Dimensions: length 69 ins x width 26 ins x height 48 ins
  • Wheel diameters: leading 8 ins
  • Petrol engine: Honda 5 HP single cylinder
  • Fuel capacity: 1 gallon
  • Livery: Black