No.8 Lynton


Lynton was built in 1984 and was loco number 8 at Moors Valley. Lynton was a 2-4-2T version of a Tinkerbell and features many similarities to Tinkerbell herself, including the smaller cylinders and marine boiler at 100psi. A fully enclosed cab was fitted including rear coal bunker. The livery was a marine blue.

After construction, Lynton operated for a short time at Tucktonia before moving to the Moors Valley Railway in 1985. The loco soon departed however, to operate on the Narrower Gauge Portable Railway belonging to Richard Morris.

In 1990, Lynton was converted to 10¼″ gauge, chassis lengthened into a 2-4-4T, and the cab height raised to suit the new loading gauge available for 10¼″ gauge railways.

It continued to operate the portable railway before finding a more permanent home at Errias Park, Colwyn Bay in North Wales.

When that line closed in 1996, Lynton was sold on, eventually arriving at the Royal Victoria Railway. Unfortunately, it was found to be underpowered for that line and therefore saw little use, however it did receive another rebuild and repaint into a maroon livery before being sold to a private railway in 2005. It is believed to be out of use currently.

A copy of Lynton in its 10¼″ gauge 2-4-4T form was also constructed by a private builder using a marine boiler and cylinders dating from the same time as the original engine.