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Posted on 2nd April 2020

Ever wanted to own your very own 7¼” steam engine? Well, here are a couple of ways that you can.

Here at Moors Valley Railway having designed and constructed our fantastic fleet of steam engines means that over the years we have learnt and are continuing to learn the best ways of building a steam locomotive.

Methods have developed over the years and as part of our Narogague Services offer we believe we have multiple ways in which we can either build or help people to build their very own steam engine.

We stock a wide range of castings that are available for a couple of different engine designs, from the traditional Tinkerbell to the larger Jason design. These castings offer you the opportunity to construct a number of different elements that you can either machine yourself or make use of our machining services. Our range of castings also includes chimney caps and bases, smoke box doors and brake blocks, amongst other things.

We are able to source all parts that are required to complete a build, so you can talk to us about wheels, valve gear, domes, and boilers too.
More recently we have developed a kit built design that enables the basic chassis of a loco to be constructed with relative ease. These kits whilst initially will be focused on a Tinkerbell and a 2-4-0 design it is easily adaptable to suit other wheel arrangements. Please see some images below.

These kits can be purchased exactly as kits and constructed by you or as part of our engine building service can be constructed by us.

Our engine building is another service that we offer. We have previously constructed a number of Tinkerbell design locomotives and a larger 2-4-0 tender engine. So if you are not able to construct your own engine then why not get in touch with us to see if we can help?

The images below show you some of the previous locomotives that we have built, alongside resident engines Jason and Tinkerbell that are popular designs.

For more information visit our Narogauge Services page and use the contact us form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.