No.18 Thor


In 2001, after seeing the Moors Valley engines and trains, Andy Jefford decided that Ivor (his other engine) was not powerful enough to haul the 12 coach trains used at the railway.

Thor’s principle design was taken from an early drawing of Sir Goss. Andy modified the design, converting it from a 2-6-2 to a Pacific 4-6-2. A number of other modifications were carried out, but the basic Haylock design was retained.

The locomotive took almost five years to build, was finished in 2006 and named Thor after the Norse God of Tempest.

Finished in black with red frames, some say that the livery resembles that of Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway No.11 Black Prince.

Thor is unique on the railway as it also carries 2 whistles! The main one being a replica Bulleid whistle, accompanied by a Stanier Black 5 hooter that is hidden under one of the running boards.

  • Builder: A Jefford, 2006
  • Dimensions: length 180″ x width 29″ x height 54″
  • Wheel diameters: leading 6″, driving 10″, trailing 6″
  • Number of tubes: 22x 1¼″ diameter
  • Grate area: 165 in2
  • Coal capacity: 156 lbs
  • Water capacity: 80 gallons
  • Boiler diameter: 15″
  • Boiler pressure: 120 psi
  • Valve gear: Walschaerts
  • Cylinder bore: 4¾″
  • Cylinder stroke: 4¼″
  • Tractive effort: 997 lbs
  • Livery: Black