Bo-Bo Diesel

No. 23 Vixen


With the railway ever expanding, there was need for a larger diesel locomotive.

It had to be capable of pulling a 12 coach train with engine, in the event of any breakdowns or issues that may occur.

Its design is based around the Funky Diesel on the Welsh Highland Railway.

The locomotive was originally finished in a maroon livery with brass embellishments. Vixen is currently undergoing a major overhaul, and it remains to be seen what livery she will return in.

The name Vixen comes from a horse, which Mary Haylock (wife of MVR founder, Jim Haylock) stabled and rode in 1946 in New Milton.

  • Builder: Narogauge Ltd, 2005
  • Dimensions: length 120″ x width 26″ x height 48″
  • Wheel diameters: driving 8″
  • Diesel engine: 2 cylinder Lombardini 12½ HP
  • Fuel capacity: 5 gallons
  • Livery: Maroon