No.15 William Rufus

William Rufus

This locomotive is a Garratt, which is an articulated engine. This is a more unusual design to have on a 7¼ inch gauge railway.

This design sees the locomotive with two power units and a water tank at each end with a central boiler and cab. These power units are basically designed around two Horton chassis.

Currently out of service awaiting a major overhaul, the engine was completely stripped down and when it returns to service will be like a new engine.

William Rufus takes the name from King William II who was was fatally wounded with an arrow during a royal hunting outing in 1100AD at Rufus Stone. Rufus Stone is only 15 miles from Moors Valley in the New Forest.

  • Builder: Narogauge Ltd, 1996
  • Dimensions: length 152″ x width 26″ x height 48″
  • Wheel diameters: leading 5″, driving 8½″, trailing 5″
  • Number of tubes: 22x 1″ diameter
  • Grate area: 109 in2
  • Coal capacity: 112 lbs
  • Water capacity: 70 gallons
  • Boiler diameter: 12¾″
  • Boiler pressure: 120 lbs/in²
  • Valve gear: Walschaerts
  • Cylinder bore: 2½″
  • Cylinder stroke: 4¼″
  • Tractive effort: 538 lbs
  • Livery: Red